Which is the best mattress for you?

Mattress plays an important role in the bedroom. A person’s body posture is directly linked to their mattress. Before deciding which mattress you need in your bedroom, surf the internet and read a lot of mattress reviews. Then compare them with your preference. If you have been facing trouble finding the right mattress, read the reviews below to find one that may interest you.

  1. Simmon’s Mattress:

Simmon’s bedding company is one of the oldest mattress selling companies that have been known for their excellent performance through several years. They have one of the highest mattress reviews and ratings. Their mattress have been divided into two categories, beautyrest and beauty sleep. Both mattresses are very firm with a simple and basic design. Beautyrest mattresses are available in five different collections which are black, platinum, silver, hybrid and beautyrest itself. Each collection includes a variety of mattresses that differ in size, height, firmness, and some other factors. All of Simmon’s mattresses have different warranty period and the period is usually very long because the company wants it’s customers to be fully satisfied.

  • Loom and leaf mattress:

Loom & leaf is a subsidiary of the Saatva company. Like Saatva’s other lines, Loom & Leaf is also an online business with many positive matters ratings.  Their mattresses come with a free trial period. All of the mattresses consists of three layers with the cooling layer at top, transitionary layer in the middle, and the durable support foam layer beneath it. The mattresses have a thin layer of cover which is flame retardant due to the presence of natural thistle. The mattress contains gel infused memory foam in the spinal zone which adds firmness and improves airflow through the pillow. The transitionary layer in the middle consists of poly foam that adds cushion to the mattress and prevents sinking. The supportive core is filled with a high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress it’s structural support and long life.

  • Tuft and Needle mattress:

Tuft and Needle has various outlets located across U.S. It does not have any online store so you will have to take out time to visit the store. If an outlet is not near you it can still be bought from a Walmart, Lowe’s or a Crates store nearby. Tuft & Needle have two mattress collections. The first is known as Tuft and Needle original and the other one is called Mint. Both mattresses are completely polyfoam in construction and have covers made of polyamide and polyester blend. Both mattresses are quite similar with only a few differences in the layers and foam.

  • Sealy:

Sealy has one of the best mattress reviews and outranks many famous brands out there. They are specially recommended for back and side sleepers. They have been categorized into hybrid and memory foam mattresses and three mattress collections in total. Their best feature is that their firmness can be varied according to one’s own choice. They are infused with cooling gel and are great for those who suffer from back pains.


They also play an important role in the posture of the body. This is why they must be chosen with great consideration

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